Chaos and Chrysanthemums

Christie. 19. Free spirit. Sagittarius.
Pits, tits, and tats. I need a drink.


"So, Brandon, what are you gonna be for Halloween this year? No, you can’t be a vampire aGaIn." - everyone

I think too much and maybe that’s why I like to drink because all the thoughts in my head get scrambled after that fifth shot of Bacardi. I think that I’m in love and I think it’s scary. I think you’re so cool. And not the type of cool that would describe a jock in a movie for teenage girls. I mean cool like you always keep it together.
I read about your zodiac sign. You’re a gemini. I see the two sides of you just like it described, the cool side of you and the side of you that was almost too scared to tell me where our class was being held when I got lost. Well I found it. We found it.
I’m glad we didn’t fuck that first time you saw me drunk. I know I never told you but I always had this fantasy about a guy bringing me home. In my head we talked all night and you asked me about my parents and the thoughts in my head and with shaky hands you told me you couldn’t fall asleep without holding onto me. But that wasn’t just in my head, it happened in real life.
I am fast.
Everything needs to happen right now. Not with you though. When I’m with you everything is slow and it’s the only time that I’m okay with that.
You kissed me on the beach and all I could think was that I’ve never tasted salt so sweet that didn’t come on the rim of a margarita.
Someone once told me the only way to know if you love someone is if you could name three good reasons why. Well here’s my attempt: you let me dance on tables, you didn’t tell me it was a bad idea when me and my best friend wanted to get matching tiger tattoos, and I can’t fall asleep without your arms around me.
I get scared easily, I skip the horror movies section on Netflix. I refuse to let falling in love scare me though. I won’t skip this section of my life, I will be fearless and reckless and head over heels in love.



why is this so hard for people to understand

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The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.

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